25 Jul 2024


Gearbox data standard supports digital twins

The REXS standard is designed to replace manual data exchanges between CAE tools for gearboxes

Schaeffler, SEW-Eurodrive and FVA (the German research association for power transmission engineering) have collaborated to draw up a standard modelling system and nomenclature for gearboxes. Called REXS (reusable engineering exchange standard), the format will replace manual data exchanges between CAE (computer-aided engineering) tools, and eliminate the need for repeated gearbox modelling processes. This will cut development times, and the format can also be used to generate digital twins that can be used to analyse gearbox operating data.

Version 1.1 of the standard covers spur and bevel gears, planetary gear stages, and their components. It has been incorporated into Schaeffler’s Bearinx rolling bearing analysis tool, SEW-Eurodrive’s Wesilab gearbox calculation program, and FVA’s Workbench. Some CAE tool suppliers are also starting to use it.

Schaeffler is offering automatic exchange of gearbox data via the REXS interface and says that Bearinx users will get results much faster.

The developers predict that gearbox manufacturers with customised applications will benefit from being able to exchange data digitally with their suppliers. REXS allows the data to be transferred quickly and error-free. The freeware can be downloaded from the REXS Web site.