23 Jul 2024


Gear-motor service will operate around the clock

Following its recent factory relocation to Leeds in West Yorkshire, Siemens Mechanical Drives has introduced a round-the-clock service to supply custom-engineered geared motors and couplings.

The scheme covers most common sizes of Flender Motox geared motors, from size 38 up to 148, along with Flender couplings. The geared motors can be inline, right-angled or shaft-mounted, with torque ratings up to 10,000Nm.

“Being able to supply our Motox units to Siemens customers and partners in a range of sizes means we can provide a much improved out-of-hours service,” says Siemens’ service manager, Gary Husband. “We can build units to precise customer requirements through the night, and at weekends if required, for emergency requests.”

Siemens Mechanical Drives is part of Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies.