24 Jul 2024


Gateway supports OSIsoft PI, easing data extraction

The ewon Flexy gateway transfers machine data directly to a PI server database, allowing existing PLCs to be connected to historians and other software

HMS Industrial Networks has announced an edge gateway with native support for the OSIsoft PI system, making it easier to extract data from existing machines and to capture data from remote facilities. The system is based on HMS’s Flexy edge gateway.

“Dark data – data that companies know they have, but can’t access or use easily – is a significant problem, particularly for utilities or manufacturers with operations that span decades and geographies,” explains OSIsoft’s senior director for partners and resellers, Timothy Johnson. “We’re excited about working with HMS to help solve this problem and pave the way for manufacturers to extend the life of their assets.”

The gateway simplifies the process of extracting real-time data from machines that use serial and Ethernet communications protocols by offering I/O drivers for PLCs from suppliers including Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi and ABB. No software development is needed.

The system supports secure access to remote locations, over-the-air software updates, and encrypted communications. Remote locations with no Internet access can be connected using Flexy’s 3G or 4G cellular backhaul options.

“This solution allows manufacturers to take another step toward full digitisation of the factory floor, enabling more efficient production and ultimately a more competitive production facility,” says HMS executive vice-president, Kevin Knake.

OSIsoft’s PI system – which has been used at more than 19,000 sites over the past 35 years – collects, analyses, visualises and shares large amounts of time-series data from multiple sources, with people and systems across an operation. It has an open, scalable architecture and includes more than 450 off-the-shelf proprietary interfaces.