22 Jul 2024


Gateway provides diagnostics for safety systems

Schmersal has launched a gateway that it says will simplify the wiring of safety switchgear, as well as ensuring reliable operation. The SD-Gateway gathers diagnostic information, converts it into a Profibus signal, and transmits this to a PLC where it can be evaluated.

Schmersal safety module

The device can transmit information to most leading control systems, including process and packaging machine control systems where specialised control systems are often used alongside default PLC systems.

The gateway enables machine users to find out, for example, where exactly a safety guard was opened and how many times it has been opened. Cross-wire shorts at the output cables and device failures can also be pinpointed accurately, simplifying troubleshooting.

The gateway is suitable for all safety switchgear that uses the CSS-technology. These devices can be series wired, without affecting the safety level. The safety-related signals then are evaluated by one safety monitoring module, allowing machine-builders to save on installation and component costs and providing extra space in control cabinets.

Compared to conventional safety switchgear, CSS components acquire much more information, for instance about operating conditions.