23 Jul 2024


Gambica issues manifesto for next UK government

Steve Brambley: It is vital that these actions are co-ordinated

Gambica, the trade organisation that represents the UK’s industrial automation sector, has issued a manifesto aimed at the next UK government, highlighting key objectives that it believes need to be addressed urgently.

The manifesto calls for a collaborative partnership between industry and government to achieve a long-term industrial strategy that fosters business growth. It lists a series of priorities, in areas such as skills and jobs, trade, regulation and sustainability, where it thinks the new government will be able to take positive actions to solve current issues.

“There are a number of policy areas where we are looking for government to enhance and accelerate support, such as skills, trade and regulation,” says Gambica CEO, Steve Brambley. “It is vital that these actions are co-ordinated within a cross-department industrial strategy to really maximise potential.”

The 14-page manifesto was drawn up following consultations and round-table discussions with Gambica’s members. It sets out the following objectives:
Long-term economic and political stability to create the best climate for business investment and growth.
A collaborative partnership between government and industry to deliver an evidence-based policy and regulatory environment that supports the sector’s goals.
An industrial strategy, developed by business and government together that is: cross-department and co-ordinated by an overall authority; has a long-term vision that can be carried forward across future governments; and addresses current barriers and future opportunities across the policy themes such as skills and jobs, trade, regulation and sustainability.
A net-zero policy that drives industry and consumers towards best-practice technology and systems to reach ambitious targets.

The manifesto is available as a free download.

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