22 Jul 2024


Functional integration can save time and boost efficiency

Festo has published a White Paper that outlines how machine-builders and engineers can improve efficiency and productivity by integrating electrical and pneumatic functions.

The paper, called Function integration saves time all around, explains that when electrical and pneumatic subsystems are separated, building even relatively simple systems can take a long time. Integrating functions improves reliability, reduces interfaces and saves time, thus improving efficiency.

The paper demonstrates how functions, previously implemented separately, are now combined in single valve terminals with high levels of electrical and pneumatic integration, enabling machine and system builders to save time during design, procurement, assembly and commissioning. Function integration also reduces the time associated with maintenance and service and, by using pre-assembled units, installation times can be reduced by 60%.

As well as exploring typical problems and conflicts faced by machine-builders, the paper gives a real-life application where 14 hours were saved in a project by integrating functions