25 Jul 2024


Fixed-speed SynRM motors bring savings to smaller machines

At the Hannover Fair, ABB has unveiled a variant of its SynRM (synchronous reluctance) motor technology aimed at fixed-speed applications. Since the SynRM technology was introduced in 2011, it has been applied to variable-speed duties such as pumps, fans, compressors and extruders. But most of the world’s motors still operate at fixed speeds, so ABB argues that the new DOLSynRM motor will allow more users to benefit from the technology.

Although the new IE4 “super premium” efficiency motors will span power ratings from 1–200kW, ABB says that the biggest potential energy savings will come from small motors, because the SynRM technology eliminates the rotor losses that have the biggest impact on the total losses in small motors. The range is aimed at 1,500 rpm applications

“OEM customers have previously had limited high-efficiency motor options for small, fixed-speed applications,” says ABB product manager, Ari Tammi. “This new DOLSynRM concept targets a white space with significant opportunity for energy savings.”

The magnet-free motors are said to offer benefits including high efficiency, high reliability (due to low bearing temperatures) and ease of servicing. During start-up, they operate like induction motors. At full speed, they synchronise and continue to operate as synchronous reluctance motors.

ABB says it is continuing to do r&d on motors for with IE5 efficiencies “and beyond”.