23 Jul 2024


‘First’ IP67 safety PLC can be mounted directly on machines

The German industrial safety specialist Pilz claims to have developed the world’s first safety PLC with IP67 protection, allowing it to be mounted directly onto machinery. It says that the PSS67 PLC will save space and reduce wiring as well as offering users more flexibility when implementing decentralised control architectures.

The PLC’s electronics are encapsulated, resulting in a mechanically robust design which is protected against dust and temporary submersion, and will operate in temperatures from –30° to +60°C.

The PLC – which combines safety and conventional automation functions –can be installed exactly where it is needed, reducing wiring significantly compared to systems located in control cabinets, and increasing flexibility when implementing modular plant architectures.

The PLC is suitable for safety applications up to PL e. It is part of Pilz’s PSS 4000 automation system and is compatible with other controllers in the range, making it is easy to integrate into existing architectures. It can be programmed using IEC 61131-3 languages using the PAS4000 engineering software as well as the PASmulti Editor.

The PLC has 16 safe digital inputs for direct connection of sensors, and can be combined with a matching IP67-protected I/O module, which forwards signals from the field. The PLC’s configuration parameters can be stored on a micro-SD memory card, making it easier to replace the controller, because you only need to move the card from a controller to its replacement, without needing to do any reconfiguration.