25 Jul 2024


Feeder system simplifies motor starter assembly

Eaton has announced a fast, cost-effective method of assembling motor starters for multi-motor applications. The Motor Starter Feeder System (MSFS) includes backplates with integral three-phase busbars rated at 125A, complemented by feed-in terminal blocks and adapter plates for motor-protective circuit-breakers, motor starter combinations, and soft-starters. Other components, such as measuring modules, can be added.

The backplates can either be clipped onto DIN rails or installed on a mounting plate. They can receive up to eight adaptor plates, and feed-in terminal blocks. Components such as motor-protective circuit-breakers, or larger assemblies such as reversing starters, can be added.

Feed-in terminal blocks, which can be positioned anywhere on a backplate, use tool-free snap-lock wiring connections. Power connections can be made to the top or bottom of the terminal blocks. The blocks are rated at 80A, and two can feed one backplate for currents up to 125A.

The MSFS distributes power in accordance with IEC 61439 and UL 508. It offers IP20 protection against accidental contact with live parts, allowing components to be replaced without having to turn off the electrical supply (where this is permitted).

Eaton says that the feeder system bridges the gap between using simple commoning links to supply motor starters with power – which is inexpensive, but has only limited benefits – and sophisticated systems such as Eaton’s SASY range, which offer more functions and handle loads up to 630A, but are not always cost-effective in smaller applications.