24 Jul 2024


Failsafe PC-based controller is ‘first’ with independent OS

Siemens claims to have developed the world’s first software controller to offer failsafe PC-based control which functions independently of the operating system. The Simatic ET 200SP Open Controller CPU 1515SP PC 2 combines the functions of a PC-based software controller with visualisation, Windows applications and central I/Os in a single compact device. It is aimed at standard and failsafe applications up to Performance Level e

The distributed automation controller is an extension of Siemens’ Simatic automation controllers for PC-based applications, and is the first Simatic S7-1500 software controller with built-in safety functions. The fact that it offers failsafe PC-based control that functions independently of the operating system is said to guarantee high system availability and to facilitate rapid start-ups.

It is possible to install Windows updates and reboot the PC while the controller is running. This eliminates the need for a hardware controller that would otherwise also be needed, thus saving space and money and reducing engineering costs.

The combination of PC-based control and high-level language programs makes the software controller particularly suitable for series production of special-purpose machines.

Another new development – a failsafe CPU1516pro-2 PN for the Simatic ET 200pro distributed controller – also performs standard and failsafe automation tasks up to Performance Level e in a single device.

The scalable Simatic range of controllers now comprises Basic, Advanced, Distributed and Software controllers, all offering similar functions. The S7-1200 Basic controllers are aimed at compact automation applications, while the S7-1500 Advanced controllers are aimed at complex tasks. The ET 200SP distributed controllers are suitable for distributed applications, and the software controllers for PC-based applications.