24 Jul 2024


Explosion-proof motors add a cast-iron option

Siemens Drive Technologies division has announced a range of explosion-proof motors with cast-iron housings aimed at challenging hazardous and corrosive environments such as those found in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas sectors. The motors expand Siemens’ Simotics XP 1MB1 portfolio which, until now, has been available only with aluminium housings.

The explosion-proof motors are available in “dust explosion protected” (Ex t) and “non-sparking” (Ex nA) versions and can be used in areas at risk of dust explosions (Zones 21 and 22) and gas explosions (Zone 2).

The motors are available in efficiency classes IE2 and IE3, with no change in shaft height between the efficiency classes. The IE3 versions consume up to 10% less energy than IE1 motors, thus reducing energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

The motors use the same design as Siemens’ standard 1LE1 motors and are said to be easy to connect and commission. They can replace existing motors, simplifying engineering and retrofits.

As well as the basic versions of the motors, there are “performance” versions with reinforced bearings, thermistor motor protection and 36-month warranties.