23 Jul 2024


Energy drives European motor market recovery

The European market for low-voltage AC motors was worth $2,273m in 2009 and will reach a $3,046m in 2016, according to a new forecast from the market analyst Frost & Sullivan which predicts that compliance with energy regulations and soaring energy costs will help the market to recover from the downturn, leading to sustainable growth in the future.

“The European manufacturing sector is increasingly becoming conscious about energy consumption,” says Frost & Sullivan programme manager, Abhishek Gokhale. “Energy efficiency programmes and policy interventions are expected to increase the uptake of new LV AC IHP motors.”

According to Frost, pricing has become the decisive factor for many customers when selecting a motor supplier.

Gokhale argues that flexible manufacturing practices are helping European LV motor manufacturers to remain efficient. “This will help them sustain their profit margins in the short-term, despite declining demand,” he says.