23 Jul 2024


Electronics helps to boost hydraulics sales

The increasing use of electronics in hydraulic products and the resulting improvements in performance are helping to fuel a growth in sales, says a new report*. The study, by the market analyst Frost & Sullivan, predicts that the European market for hydraulic equipment will rise from $5.55bn last year to $6.66bn by 2006.

The report identifies a combination of factors that it says “are set to unleash heightened demand for hydraulics”. These include: the boom in the mobile sector, particularly for construction and earth-moving machinery; a significant level of replacement and upgrade activity; improved economic conditions in Europe; rising levels of innovation; and new investment programmes.

Although competition is growing fiercer, developments in technology combined with lower prices, are helping to stimulate sales, says the report.

Sales in the largest sector, pumps and motors, will sustained by improvements in performance and lower noise levels, Frost & Sullivan predicts. The impact of electronics has been greatest in the valves sector, resulting in compact products with improved performance and more competitive costs.

The European hydraulics market leader is Rexroth. The company, which is being bought by Bosch, “has taken a healthy grip on the European hydraulics equipment market,” says the report`s co-author, Robert McNally. “The company`s ability to serve a broad range of end-users in both the mobile and industrial sectors is an important step in Rexroth`s ascent to the top.”

In second position is Parker which has a strong position in the mobile sector.

*The European market for hydraulic equipment. Price €5,300.