23 Jul 2024


Electric rod actuators challenge pneumatic cylinders

The US actuator specialist Tolomatic has developed a range of electric rod-style actuators as an economical alternative to non-repairable pneumatic cylinders, and for automating manual processes. The ERD actuators deliver forces of up to 334N at speeds of up to 1,016mm/s.

Aaron Dietrich, Tolomatic’s electric products manager, says that the patent-pending actuators (shown above) “provide an alternative to pneumatic cylinders with the added benefit of greater control of speed, acceleration and force”. They also offer an “affordable option for automating manual processes”.
The round-bodied electric actuators are available in sizes equivalent to 5/8, 1 and 1.5-inch bore non-repairable pneumatic cylinders. They accept Nema 11, 17 or 23 frame stepper and servomotors, and the acme leadscrews are available in three lead sizes per model to optimise speed or force.

The actuators, which come with metric-threaded rod-ends, can accommodate six different sensing or switching technologies including reed, solid-state PNP or NPN, normally open, flying leads or quick-disconnect. The switches are activated by a magnet inside the thrust tube.