23 Jul 2024


Electric ram actuator rivals hydraulic cylinders

Electric ram actuator rivals hydraulic cylinders

The Scottish firm Power Jacks has developed a ram actuator which it asserts is a real alternative to hydraulic cylinders.

The BFA (ballscrew force actuator) comes in three ratings – 25kN, 75kN and 125kN – and is said to be capable of continuous duty at the full rated load. The actuators use a double-clevis end and parallel motor construction, allowing them to fit in a similar space to a hydraulic cylinder.

Power Jacks says this arrangement has not been available before for standard screw actuators of this size. The actuators use efficient ballscrew drives which cut power consumption and allow small drive motors to be used.

Almost any speed or torque can be met using the six standard gear ratios or 44 other ratios available on special request. Two other key attractions of the actuators compared to hydraulic rams are their simple electrical controls and their ability to lock into position using conventional brakes.