22 Jul 2024


Eight-axis micro-PLC is ‘one quarter the size of others’

Mitsubishi says its FX5UC Micro will help machine-builders to pack more functions into smaller spaces

At the recent SPS show in Germany, Mitsubishi Electric unveiled its smallest and most powerful compact PLC to date – a multitasking device with a CPU module said to be a quarter the size of a previous models. Despite its diminutive size, the FX5UC Micro PLC can perform positioning and advanced motion control functions for up to eight synchronised axes, eliminating the need for dedicated controllers that would increase hardware and maintenance costs, programming time and equipment footprints.

The new PLC, part of Mitsubishi’s Melsec iQ-F series, uses the same CPU as the FX5U model in a package as small as a micro FX3S. It has a program memory of 128,000 steps and an execution speed of 34ns, resulting in fast machine responses and high productivity. Built-in tools such as security key authentication prevent data theft and tampering, while allowing operators to access system status safely via the Web and to interact with on-board functions such as data-logging.

The tiny CPU can fit into tight spaces, freeing up on-machine or production floorspace. There are 16 digital inputs and 16 relay / transistor outputs, avoiding the need to install additional, space-consuming terminal blocks in many applications. The modules can be unlocked from a rail and moved together with their wires, simplifying maintenance and system change tasks. The use of spring-clamp terminals speeds up wiring, while ensuring reliable, vibration-resistant connections.

Mitsubishi launched its first micro-controllers, the FX family, more than 35 years ago. Since then, around 19 million Melsec-FX controllers have been installed.