25 Jul 2024


Educational robot will help students to learn new skills

ABB’s educational robot will help to upskill students

ABB Robotics has launched a six-axis robot aimed at users in the education sector. The 21kg IRB 1090 robot offers a reach of 580mm and a payload of 3.5kg. It is 20% lighter than its predecessor and has a 10% smaller footprint, making it easier to move and install.

The robot, authenticated by the stem.org education institute, is designed to upskill students and help them to secure future employment. It forms part of ABB’s education offering, which includes other industrial robots, as well as education packages, next-generation controllers and programming and simulation software.

“ABB’s 2023 global survey of 2,301 education professionals found that 80% believe robots and automation will shape the future of employment over the next ten years,” says Craig McDonnell, managing director of Business Line Industries for ABB Robotics. “However, only one in four education establishments currently use robots in teaching programs.

“As the world’s largest industrial robotics manufacturer, we’re determined to play our part in making robots available to all and the IRB 1090 education robot forms a key part of this commitment, enabling us to serve the growing demand for industrial robots in the education space.”

Coupled with ABB’s OmniCore E10 controller, the robot offers functions including motion control, TrueMove, QuickMove, externally-guided motion, and energy-saving grid feedback. It can be used to demonstrate applications such as assembly, material handling, arc welding and dispensing, and can work with accessories including machine vision cameras, grippers and moveable carts.

Purchasers of the new robot will get 100 free premium licenses for ABB’s RobotStudio virtual tool, allowing students to learn the fundamentals of robot programming before buying a physical robot.

ABB works with educational institutions in more than 40 countries to help teach students the fundamentals of robot programming, as well as educating more than 30,000 students from schools, colleges and universities around the world, every year.

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