25 Jul 2024


Drives use film caps to cut harmonic distortion to 35%

Delta’s new VP3000 drives save space and cut harmonic distortion

The Taiwanese automation manufacturer Delta Electronics has launched a range of open-loop, variable-torque drives for fan, pump and compressor applications at the 2023 Hannover Messe. The VP3000 drives have been designed to make machinery more efficient and to reduce harmonic distortion in a wide range of fluid applications.

By using a film cap technology instead of traditional electrolytic capacitors, Delta has lowered the drives’ harmonic distortion to 35% – below the level specified in the EN 61000-3-2 standard which requires a THDi (total harmonic distortion) of less than 48%.

The drives support a variety of high-efficiency motors including induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance types, in ratings from 0.75–630kW. They comply with SIL3 safety requirements and support STO (safe torque off). Built-in EMC filters provide electromagnetic compatibility to C2/C3.

According to Delta, the new drives’ high power densities will allow cabinet volumes to be 23% smaller “on average”. In some cases, volumes could be reduced by as much as 55%.

“For fluid machine operation, customers are now looking for high efficiency to reduce energy and CO2, lower harmonic distortion and user-friendly functions,” says Landers Yeh, a product manager in Delta’s Industrial Automation business group for the EMEA region. “By offering higher power density of 23%, a lower cabinet volume on average, and low harmonic distortion down to THDi 35%, the VP3000 is able to satisfy regulations across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We’re confident this new variable-torque drive is going to be very competitive.”

High-power versions of the drives can be mounted in durable, easy-to-maintain floor modules, which increase space utilisation and simplify assembly for easier, faster operation.

The new drives have a built-in predictive maintenance function for key components, helping users to schedule servicing procedures.

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