24 Jul 2024


Drives lab will help users to test combos of motors and VSDs

ABB's new laboratory in Finland will test the performance of its drives with customers' motors

ABB has set up a test laboratory at its drives factory in Helsinki, Finland, where customers can have their own motors tested with ABB’s variable-speed drives (VSDs) to verify their impact on performance and energy consumption.

The laboratory is aimed mainly at high-volume drives users such as machine-builders and system integrators. It offers an easy and reliable way for them to test various motor/drive combinations before using VSDs in volume production.

The laboratory includes equipment for precision measurements of drive/motor dynamic performance, load capabilities and efficiency, that will assist customers in finding the optimal drive system for their applications, thus helping them to cut costs, save space and reduce energy consumption.

“This investment really supports the process of establishing the ideal drive/motor combination and demonstrates how we can help customers test their equipment up to 400kW with a minimum amount of effort,” explains Morten Wierod, managing director of ABB’s Drives and Controls.

ABB’s drives business also has customer laboratories that provide local support in the US, China and India. “This new laboratory in Helsinki is the centre of excellence for our business unit from where we support global customers with the most demanding requirements,” Wierod adds.

The decision to create the new facility was based on ABB’s experience with a customer application laboratory for crane and winch applications that it opened in 2011. This facility, also located in Helsinki, allows OEMs to test the compatibility of ABB drives with cranes and winches in an environment that simulates real applications.