25 Jul 2024


Direct-drive integrated servomotor has wide speed range

Overview's Miranda direct-drive integrated servomotor delivers high positional accuracy

The UK positioning technology manufacturer Overview has announced a direct-drive, integrated servomotor with a wide dynamic speed range (0.05–720 degrees/second), 0.007-degree repeatability and 1Nm of output torque. The Miranda motor fills a torque gap in Overview’s Servotorq series of direct-drive, servomotors, which are designed to deliver high positional accuracy with fast, smooth and silent motion.

The 24V DC servomotor combines an efficient, in-house-designed brushless DC motor with an advanced controller, high-performance servo and precision rotary encoder in a direct-drive package that included I/O and communications interfaces. The drive control electronics and software provide closed-loop servo control, and deliver position, velocity and acceleration control. The easy-to-install, zero-backlash motor is said to provide rapid and precise position control, with low power consumption, in a compact, lightweight package.