24 Jul 2024


Device converts any analogue sensor signal to IO-Link

Ege’s IO-Link converter provides digital retrofits for analogue sensors

The German sensor developer Ege-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren has announced a device that converts signals from traditional analogue sensors to noise-free digital IO-Link signals. Depending on its configuration, the IOL-KONV-UIS-01 converter takes one or two analogue values (0-10V or 4-20mA) or switching signals from a sensor and converts them into digital signals, which it transmits to an IO-Link primary device.

As well as the digital output for process data, the device has a second, analogue output for programmable current or switching signals.

Any conventional sensor from any manufacturer, including Ege, can be connected to the converter, regardless of its operating principles and measured values.

The IO-Link converter also offers monitoring functions. If the power consumption or operating voltage of the connected sensor deviates from specified setpoints – due to corrosion, for example – it will send an error message to the controller as an IO-Link event.

To protect its internal electronics, the converter incorporates temperature monitoring and short-circuit detection, as well as an adjustable shutdown function in the event of overloads. A multi-colour LED shows the operating status.

The use of M12 connectors for the sensors and IO-Link primary devices simplifies cabling. The IP67-protected converter can be mounted near the sensor.

The converter is parameterised in accordance with IO-Link Device Description V1.1 using an engineering tool connected via the IO-Link interface.