23 Jul 2024


Development offers secure remote access to industrial networks

The industrial communications specialist Belden and the Danish software developer Secomea have joined forces to offer a simple, secure way to provide remote network access, programming and diagnostics. They are offering a combined hardware and software package that will help users to take advantage the increased connection of devices made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Called the Secure Remote Access Solution, the development allows users to access their sites remotely to troubleshoot and fix problems. It can be installed with minimal IT knowledge.

At its core is Secomea’s GateManager – a cloud service for connecting operator stations to remote devices. Software (called LinkManager) running on PCs or mobile devices links the operator stations to the cloud, while another tool (called SiteManager), running on PCs or Hirschmann’s Gecko switches, connects the remote devices to the cloud.

Belden and Secomea say that the simple set-up, ease of use and secure technology will make the new package ideal for the machine-building, automotive and food and beverage industries, which often need remote access to plants and machinery around the world. Remote access cuts the need for travel and allows staff to work more efficiently by handling several systems simultaneously.

“The Secure Remote Access Solution provides a protected cloud system that can be set up with minimal assistance,” says Belden product manager, Mark Cooksley. “Permanent IP addresses are not required, and there is no need to reconfigure firewalls. This enables secure access for remote programming and diagnostics without disrupting existing systems.”