25 Jul 2024


Dedicated pump drive includes energy-saving functions

Control Techniques has announced an easy-to-install dedicated pump drive with built-in functions designed to achieve optimum pumping performance out-of-the-box. The F600 drive forms part of CT’s new Specialist range of industry-specific drives, and spans the power range from 1.1kW to 2.8MW.

There are dedicated functions for pipe filling and cleaning, over-cycling and dry-run prevention, and switch control, as well as control modes for fans, single pumps, and cascaded and multi-leader pump systems.

Because energy consumption represents around 85% of a typical pump’s lifecycle costs, optimising energy usage can cut the cost of owning and running a pump dramatically. To help control these costs, the drives have built-in energy-saving functions, including a sleep mode, which engages automatically when demand falls below a specific point, and motor control technology that initiates dynamic modification of the rated frequency to save further energy.

Control Techniques’ PC tools include pump set-up screens that guide users through the process. Parameters are grouped in a single menu, designed with pump applications in mind, simplifying installation, set-up and operation.

F600 marks a new direction for Control Techniques, giving us a specialist product to support industries which have previously relied on our more general-purpose offer,” says CT global product manager Patrik Masson. “This new range provides the perfect solution for users working with pump applications. We’ve ensured industry-specific features are baked into the drive itself, so its capabilities and the terminology used will feel instantly familiar.”

F600 drives with ratings up to 55kW are eligible for Control Techniques’ free extended warranty, which stretches the standard two years up to five years.