23 Jul 2024


Dedicated HVAC drive is ‘amongst the smallest in its class’

Control Techniques’ dedicated HVAC drive is available in ratings from 0.75-315kW

The Welsh drives-maker Nidec Control Techniques has added a dedicated HVAC drive to its Specialist family of industry-specific drives. The high-efficiency (up to 98%) H300 drive is optimised for fan and compressor control.

The drive is available in nine frame sizes (3–11E), in power ratings from 0.75–315kW, and for AC voltages of 208-230V, 460V and 575V.

HVAC-specific tools include a fire mode that allows the drive to continue extracting smoke safely and other functions to be maintained in the event of a fire. The drive is designed to function efficiently in temperatures from –20 to +55°C, making it suitable for refrigeration and cooling applications.

The drive supports the BACnet and Modbus RTU protocols for integration with building automation systems. This capability can be expanded using optional integration modules that allow the drive to communicate with almost any system or protocol, including Powerlink, EtherNet I/P, Profinet and others. An optional co-processor can run custom application software.

The drive’s dimensions are said to be among the smallest in its class, at every power rating, saving space and giving mounting flexibility. It offers stationary autotune for sensorless permanent magnet motors. Built-in dual PID loops can operate independently or be combined to provide more complex functions.

A rotor flux control mode and “intelligent” 10-speed cooling fan operation are said to ensure quiet operation. The drive’s maximum output frequency is 550Hz and its switching frequency range is 2–16kHz, with 3kHz as the default. It has a normal duty peak rating of 110% for 60s.

Software tools are available for estimating energy efficiency and harmonics.

“The HVAC and refrigeration market for drives is growing at an incredible rate, as customers seek ways to reduce energy consumption and costs,” says Control Techniques’ president, Tony Pickering. “With our new H300 drive range, we’ve combined our expertise in variable-speed drive technology with our deep understanding of the challenges faced by customers in the HVAC sector.

“The new range will deliver exponential energy savings, therefore reducing costs, while also providing the intelligent motor control features inherent to our drives,” he adds. “We’ve also expanded our unique free five-year warranty scheme to include H300, making it the ultimate ‘set and forget’ drive for customers in the HVAC world.”

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