22 Jul 2024


Deal brings the super motor closer

Deal brings the super motor closer

Rockwell Automation has signed an exclusive agreement with an American superconducting materials specialist, SuperPower, that could lead a new generation of light, efficient motors and generators based on high-temperature superconductor (HTS) materials.

Under the agreement, the partners will design, develop, build and install high-power HTS machines for commercial, industrial and military applications. The machines will use SuperPower`s second-generation coated ceramic HTS wires which are said to carry more current at higher temperatures than first-generation wires.

Since 1987, Rockwell engineers have been working on technologies to make superconducting machines practical. In 2001, the company demonstrated at 1,600-horsepower (1.2MW) HTS motor using first-generation wire.

Joseph Swann, president of Rockwell`s Power Systems business, predicts that the new agreement “will make a significant impact on the successful commercialisation of second-generation HTS rotating machinery, leading to cost-effective electric motors and generators that are ultra-efficient, lighter, and substantially more power dense than those that are available today”.