22 Jul 2024


DCS delivers data tailored to users` jobs

DCS delivers data tailored to users` jobs

ABB has launched a DCS (distributed control system) that gives personnel around a plant access to information that is customised to their jobs. Although the information is derived from the same sources, it is delivered to individual users in a format best suited to their needs.

The System 800xA (extended Automation) technology expands on the role of the traditional DCS by extracting and distributing information on an installation`s drives, motors, low-voltage controlgear, batch management functions, and field devices. ABB says that by delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time, the system will lead to faster product turnarounds, quicker decision-making, improved productivity and quality, easier customisation, and lower costs.

The system is part of ABB`s IndustrialIT suite, first launched four years ago and uses the suite`s patented Aspect Object technology which relates all, plant data (the Aspects) to specific assets (the Objects). It gathers information from all over a plant and transforms it into relevant data for maintenance technicians, process engineers, plant operators, production managers, and other users.

The system includes new tools for engineering design, fieldbus management, audit trails, bulk data management, and integration with Intergraph`s Intools CAD software.