23 Jul 2024


Data acquisition module ‘plugs a ControlLogix gap’

US-based Advanced Micro Controls (AMCI) has announced a high-speed, analogue-input data acquisition module for Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers which, it says, fills a gap in the range.

The 5274A module plugs into the controllers and programs using RSLogix5000 (Studio 5000) software. It acquires data at a programmable sample rate of 50µs, and archives the data using the PLC’s registers for analysis or export. The device can transfer up to 128 samples, either on one channel, or evenly split between four channels, making it possible to capture data from up to four different analogue sources.

“In years past, customers had to supplement their PLC investment with a separate and expensive PC-based data acquisition system,” says AMCI sales manager, Bob Alesio. “Not anymore!”