23 Jul 2024


Customers drive inverter design

Customers drive inverter design

Vacon has launched a new version of its NXP high-performance drive with enhancements said to be driven by customer demands. The new drive can run standard induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors in various configurations, and covers ratings up to 3MW, at 230-690V.

“We wanted to create a perfect mix of user-friendliness and functionality,” says Jukka Kasi, Vacon`s vice-president for product management. “We have left the good things unchanged and focused on customer-requested functions and options.”

The drive now supports feedback from absolute encoders and resolvers, as well as incremental pulse encoders. A safe disable function has been added, and support for Ethernet TCP/IP communications provided, giving more flexibility when integrating machines and systems. For example, it is now possible to configure and monitor several drives simultaneously via the Internet.

The NXP application package now supports positioning control and shaft synchronisation, and the default All-in-One application package offers 32-bit performance.