23 Jul 2024


Condition-monitoring system ‘boosts plant performance by 10%’

Siemens says that its Sitrans SCM IQ condition-monitoring system can boost plant performance by up to 10%

At the 2021 Hannover Fair, Siemens has announced a smart condition-monitoring system that uses machine learning to detect and prevent machinery problems at an early stage, thus cutting maintenance costs and downtime, and boosting plant performance by up to 10%.

Wireless sensors collect vibration and temperature data from machinery such as pumps, gears, compressors and drivetrains. This data is sent via Bluetooth to a gateway where it is encrypted before being sent to Siemens’ MindSphere IoT-as-a-Service cloud.

There, routines based on machine learning, monitor and analyse the sensor data for any deviations from normal operating states. Notifications of any anomalies are sent via SMS and/or email. The system includes an app that documents the anomalies and make them available to specified users.

The Sitrans SCM IQ condition-monitoring system can be used to keep an eye on mechanical or rotating components in any industrial plant. It consists of:
• The IP68-protected MS200 multi-sensors mounted on the equipment which communicate via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for cabling, and simplifying installation and commissioning. They are powered by replaceable batteries with long service lives.
• The CC220 gateway which communicates securely between the multi-sensors and the cloud. It can be installed in a cabinet and has an external Bluetooth antenna. A high data transmission rate allows accurate, reliable data analysis.
• The SCM IQ mobile Web app, which displays the state of monitored systems and components graphically anywhere and anytime. The scalable app can monitor a single application or all of the machines in a plant.

The condition-monitoring system will be available from mid-2021.