25 Jul 2024


Compact global drive redefines what ‘standard’ means

SEW-Eurodrive’s Movitrac Advanced inverter can be used in more than 50 countries

SEW-Eurodrive says it is redefining what “standard” means with a compact frequency inverter that can be used for applications from open-loop speed control and encoder-free torque control, to dynamic positioning. Its new Movitrac Advanced inverter offers a high degree of standardisation and is suitable for use in more than 50 countries.

The inverter – part of SEW’s Movi C modular automation system – can control asynchronous and synchronous AC motors, with or without encoders. The modular system’s standardised single-cable technology with the Movilink DDI digital motor interface, supports automatic identification of SEW’s gearmotors, cutting start-up times and saving space.

The drive can connect with control systems via Profinet, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP or Powerlink. Safe communications can be implemented via PROFIsafe, Safety over EtherCat or CIP Safety.

If servicing is needed, the inverter can be replaced without needing any start-up expertise. A portable memory module contains all of the necessary device data, which can be transferred easily to a new inverter without using engineering software.

Power ratings are up to 315kW, and support for 230V or 400V supplies allows the drive to be used around the world.

At the SPS show in Germany, SEW-Eurodrive also showcased a new control platform that allows two operating systems to run simultaneously on one piece of hardware without interfering with each other. This allows a real-time operating system for automation and motion control to run alongside an OS such as Windows 10 IoT which can be used for databases, visualisation, data analysis, or to provide a safe bridge to IT infrastructure.

The Movi C UHX86A control platform expands the top end of SEW’s modular automation system portfolio. It offers a choice of Intel processors from Celeron to Core i7, making it easy to adapt the hardware to an application.

The controller can also transmit safety-relevant PROFIsafe data, allowing it to be used not only as a motion or machine controls, but also as a cyber-physical controller for Industry 4.0 applications.

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