22 Jul 2024


Combined current and voltage module replaces two devices

Murrelektronik has developed a module that can process both analogue voltage and current signals, and has four individually configurable measuring channels. The MAS168 module is said to simplify installations, reduce wiring and save space by allowing a single module to be used where previously two would have been needed. It is claimed to be the smallest analogue module on the market.

Users can configure which of the four ports should be used for which signals. They can choose whether sensors are connected with a current range of ±4 to ±20mA, or 0 to ±20mA. The modules can also process 0 to ±10V signals. The rugged, IP68-protected, potted modules can be used in tough environmental conditions. They offer M12 shielded connections and a functional earth to ensure that interference does not affect sensitive analogue signals. The modules can be integrated into AS-i networks, or daisy-chained. They can also be integrated with higher-level fieldbuses via gateways. Once an application has been designed, it can be used in similar machines with different networks, simply by changing an interface, thus making installations independent of the fieldbus being used. Data and power are carried by unshielded, four-wire cables.