23 Jul 2024


Collaboration produces efficient food-safe gearmotor

The German motor manufacturer Baumüller has collaborated with the gear specialist ZAE to produce a foodsafe gear-motor consisting of a two-stage helical-bevel gear and an encoderless permanent magnet synchronous motor which, they claim, operates with an efficiency of up to 90%. The gear-motor, based on a Baumüller DSC servomotor, incorporates special windings and bearings, and is designed to be attached to a machine shaft.

The high efficiencies mean that surface temperatures do not exceed 75°C, even at full power, and that cooling fins and fans are not needed. The drives are easy to clean, with no dirt trips, and can be supplied with optional food industry coatings. They are almost maintenance-free, and oil changes are only needed after more than 20,000 operating hours.