22 Jul 2024


Cloud-connected logic module will be ‘a paradigm shifter’

Siemens says that the ability to connect its new logic modules to the cloud will open up many applications.

Siemens has announced a “paradigm-shifting” new version of its Logo! logic module that connects directly to the cloud, opening up a wide range of new control and monitoring possibilities – such as energy management and predictive maintenance – and simplifying networking. The new version (8.3) is due to be launched at the Hannover Fair (recently postponed until July) and is planned to be available in late 2020.

Siemens launched its first Logo! modules in 1996 to perform limited switching and control tasks in cabinets, machines and buildings. They were intended to save space and take on the duties of devices such as time-delay switches, time relays, counters and auxiliary relays.

Since then, the range of functions has been expanded continuously, and performance improved. Whereas the first-generation modules had a 30-block memory limit, the latest versions support more than 400 blocks as well as handling Ethernet communications via up to 16 connections. They also offer extended functions such as PI (proportional integral) control and data-logging.

But all previous versions the Logo! have had to be interrupted to acquire or handle their data. Now, with real-time access in the cloud, it will be possible to access all of their data while they are operating.

The Logo! Soft Comfort engineering software is being updated to activate and configure the new cloud connections, using a guided set-up procedure to simplify the process. And a free Logo! Web editor will allow users to create Web sites and dashboards in the cloud. They can also design automation projects and operate them from the cloud via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Web server can be hosted in the cloud, allowing automation systems to be controlled and visualised remotely, regardless of their location.

Initially, Logo! 8.3 will support Amazon Web Services (AWS) connections to the cloud. There are plans to support other services including Siemens’ MindSphere open IoT operating system, and Alibaba.

Multiple interfacing options, such as Modbus TCP/IP, Konnex bus (KNX) and Ethernet, will allow the modules to be used as cloud gateways for existing systems. If, for example, memory space in a controller is limited, it will be possible to export data to the cloud.

In this way, all of the data from smaller automation projects will be available in the cloud for further processing and analysis, resulting in new possibilities, such as recording and evaluating energy data, carrying out predictive maintenance, or implementing flexible service concepts.

Links between the Logo! modules and the cloud will be encrypted using the TLS protocol, allowing data to be transferred securely in both directions – and supporting both reading and writing.