23 Jul 2024


Cloud-based app makes maintenance paperless

Festo’s cloud-based maintenance management system is the company’s first digital-only product

Festo has announced its first digital-only product – a cloud-based maintenance management system that will reduce or eliminate the need for paper-based documentation, and is not specific to any manufacturer. Called Smartenance, the system consists of two parts: an app for smartphones and tablets which acts as a mobile maintenance schedule; and a dashboard in the form of a Web page that allows production managers, machine-builders and others to manage and document maintenance tasks.

Smartenance allows users to schedule, monitor and evaluate system maintenance, making it easier, quicker and more reliable. Reciprocal checking by system operators and production managers provides greater reliability. It is claimed to eliminate many processes as well as the need for coordination.

After downloading the app from Apple or Google stores, users purchase a licence for Smartenance in Festo’s App World. They can then transfer maintenance tasks and intervals from the documentation supplied by machine-builders. System operators can view and process any task, and production managers can see all completed and pending tasks at a glance.

Festo suggests that Smartenance will also be useful for machine-builders. The app will allow them to transform maintenance tasks into a digital versions and to offer extra value to their customers. The maintenance instructions can be enhanced using images, videos and PDFs. Maintenance tasks are visible immediately, and all relevant tasks are available to any team member at the press of a button.

Festo says that Smartenance is quick and easy to set up and will provide a simple, low-cost introduction to the world of digitalisation.