25 Jul 2024


Cloud-based app analyses drivetrain performance

Siemens is launching a cloud-based app that monitors industrial drives and gives insights into the performance of machinery drivetrains. The Analyze MyDrives app captures and analyses operating data – such as power consumption, torque and frequency – to determine when maintenance is needed and to help cut energy consumption.

The app – which can be used with Siemens’ Sinamics V20 and V90 converters, Sinamics G modular and compact drives, and Sinamics S drives (up to 250kW) – can inform machine operators of the status of critical machine parameters.

Analysing the operating data also allows predictive maintenance, reducing the risk of unscheduled stoppages. Machine-builders will be able to tell their customers when their machines need servicing, thus eliminating fixed-interval maintenance programmes, boosting machine capacity utilisation and productivity, extending maintenance intervals, and minimising downtime.

The app can also be used to measure energy flows and to determine energy-saving potentials, allowing energy consumption to be optimised.

Siemens has also announced a plug-in that adds a smart remote control capability to its Manage MyMachines MindApp for machine tools. This will allow remote control of CNC systems (such as Siemens’ Sinumerik 840D sl) using failsafe encrypted communications via the Internet – not only improving machine availability and simplifying maintenance, but also cutting costs in the event of a fault.

The MindApp connects CNCs to MindSphere quickly and easily, providing machine operators with a cloud-based overview of key data and operating statuses across all of their connected machines. Machine data can be captured, analysed and visualised.

The Analyze MyDrives and Manage MyMachines/Remote apps both use Siemens’ MindSphere open IoT operating system, allowing users to benefit from cloud-based services, and adding value to machine operations. The apps allow the extensive data generated by drive systems and machine tools to be analysed and exploited. This can be carried out by a machine-builder or end-user to improve the efficiency of drive systems and machines and to boost productivity.

The MindApps are said to provide a starting point for completely new applications for drives or machine tools, supporting digital services such as predictive maintenance, energy data management and resource optimisation.