23 Jul 2024


Check production line temperatures on a smartphone

The British temperature-sensing specialist Calex Electronics has developed a small, low-cost infrared temperature sensor that links to a smartphone to show temperatures on production lines. The non-contact PyroNFC sensor measures the temperature of surfaces in industrial processes, and by touching it with an NFC-enabled Android smartphone, users can read the temperature via a free app. The readings are updated continuously while the phone is touching the sensor.

The app also allows users to read or write parameters, including emissivity settings, to provide accurate readings from a variety of materials. There is no need to power the sensor to do this, and hundreds of sensors can be configured in minutes without needing any wires or cables.

The 29mm–long sensor also has a linear voltage output for sending signals to instrumentation, and an open drain alarm output that can be used simultaneously.

“NFC (near field communication) is the simplest way to connect to another device,” says Calex’s product marketing manager, Anthony Smith. “You don’t need to plug in a cable, and it is quicker than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as you don’t need to search for devices or pair with them.

“Smartphone apps are the easiest way to do simple tasks like measuring a temperature,” he adds. “With the app installed, you don’t even have to look for it when you want to use it. When you touch a sensor with the phone, the app opens automatically, even from the home screen. You can see the temperature immediately.”