22 Jul 2024


Capillary plate extends service intervals

Capillary plate extends service intervals

IKO Nippon Thompson claims it has been able to extend service and lubrication intervals on ball-type linear ways by fitting them with a capillary plate.

The capillary plate is made from a steel-backed, porous resin plate formed by sintering a fine resin powder and impregnating it with lubricating oil. This oil is released continuously into the raceways as the plate makes its passes.

In one test, a linear roller way was fitted with capillary plates packed with lithium soap grease. A load of 10kN — 40% of the recommended maximum – was applied at a stroke length of 270mm and a speed of 64m/min. After 2,000km travel, no problems had been experienced with the roller way, and the test was abandoned.