23 Jul 2024


Businesses not confident about CRC data

One in five of businesses registering for the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy (CRC) efficiency scheme may not have submitted the correct information, according to new research by the energy firm, npower. The study of 100 UK financial directors – conducted two weeks before the 30 September registration deadline – also showed that nearly a quarter (22%) had not completed their registration, and of those that had, 23% found the process confusing.

Many (24%) also reported problems compiling data from multiple sites across their businesses, and more than one in 10 did not understand what was required of them to complete registration.

The research also showed that one in five financial directors didn’t understand what is required of them for forecasting carbon allowances or the purchasing of allowances, although 95% said they have been tracking energy consumption since April 2010 – which will help them submit the first “footprint” year report to the Environment Agency.