22 Jul 2024


Busbar trunking will carry data as well as power

Siemens says that its new data-carrying busbar trunking technology will reduce the need for data cabling

At the Hannover Fair in April, Siemens will unveil a technology that allows busbar trunking systems to carry not only current, but also data, reducing the need for data cables and complex cabling installations. The new form of data transmission will be available for Siemens’ BD2, LD, and LI busbar trunking systems in its Sivacon 8PS portfolio.

The new technology is implemented by integrating plug-and-play powerline modules into trunking tap-off units, as well as communication-capable protection, switching and measuring devices. Measured data such as power and current, and diagnostic information, including switching cycles, can be forwarded to higher-level automation and energy management systems via conductors on the busbars.

“I am pleased that powerline technology now enables us to offer two functionalities in one system for the first time, making use of the Sivacon 8PS portfolio even easier and more flexible for our customers,” says Stephan May, CEO of Medium Voltage and Systems in the Siemens’ Energy Management Division.

“Our goal is to fully tap the potential of digitalisation for electrification, from planning and installation to operation and maintenance,” he adds. “We are continuing to further develop our technologies for this purpose.”

As wall as simplifying installation, the new tap-off units with powerline technology can be connected to existing systems at any time using their plug-and-play capabilities. This will reduce downtime, and allow power supplies to be adapted flexibly to the needs of an installation.

Johann Braid, product manager for Siemens’ Sivacon busbar systems, believes that the new powerline technology will also simplify transparent operation and increase system availability in digital factories. “By forwarding the measurement and diagnostics information to local or cloud-based applications ­– for example, in MindSphere, the cloud-based, open operating system from Siemens – we can come up with energy efficiency measures and lower costs.”

Busbar trunking systems are designed to transmit and distribute current flexibly and safely. Their power tap-off units can be modified, added to and replaced, even when energised. When using cables, by comparison, the power supply to adjacent machinery first needs to be disconnected before new pieces of equipment can be added and changes to the cable installation can be carried out.

Siemens says that its Sivacon 8PS busbar trunking system needs less space than power cables and can follow the contours of a building, making it more space-efficient. The busbars can also be installed faster and more easily and adapted to changing requirements.