22 Jul 2024


Automation centre will help to design future factories

Farràs: We aim to inspire manufacturers, system integrators and machine-builders

Omron has upgraded its Barcelona-based Automation Centre where visitors from across the Emea region can collaborate with the company’s engineers to develop industrial automation systems, including robotics, vision, quality control, flexible manufacturing and AI. Covering more than 800m2 of floor space, the Centre allows customers to experience the benefits of connected, intelligent factories before making an investment.

By helping manufacturers to avoid taking decisions which could stifle innovation or prove unnecessarily costly or time-consuming, Omron says that the Automation Centre can de-risk project investments, reassuring users that their systems will be fit-for-purpose from day one.

“We aim to inspire manufacturers, system integrators and machine-builders to adapt their business to meet the changing needs of customers and society,” says Antoni Farràs, the Centre’s general manager. “Our goal is to help them realise the possibilities of innovative manufacturing and address current challenges – for example, by creating new solutions to respond to and recover from the global pandemic.”

An updated demonstration area allows demos to be viewed on site or remotely. Initially, technologies on show in the working demos include:
• using intelligent AI algorithms to automate tasks previously only possible for humans;
• combining 3D vision and collaborative robots for bin-picking applications;
• using cobots to safely automate the supply and removal of parts, without needing fences or needing to remodel machine tools;
• robots and humans working together to enable autonomous process improvement and defect-free production;
• using vibration-suppression technology to accelerate high-speed handling of liquid products; and
• applying precise, high-speed alignment with visual feedback, ensuring optimal operation without machine adjustments despite belts and chains stretching, chucks being misaligned and workpieces becoming deformed.

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