23 Jul 2024


ATB merges UK motor-making businesses

The Austrian motor-maker ATB is merging three of its UK subsidiaries – Laurence Scott, Morley and Special Products – into a single organisation called ATB Group UK. Ian Lomax, who served as managing director of Morley for almost ten years before becoming chief operating officer of ATB in Austria, has been appointed chairman of the new business.

Another UK-based subsidiary of ATB, Brook Crompton, has not been included in the new group because its former owner, the Singaporean company Lindeteves-Jacoberg, still has an interest in the business.

ATB says that the merger will unlock operational benefits, as the companies will be able to share resources and facilities, allowing them to be more flexible. No job losses are expected, and the companies will continue to operate from their existing sites, but now under a single management team. The existing brand names will be kept, and customers are not expected to experience much change.

Norwich-based Laurence Scott, which can trace its roots back to 1883, specialises in HV and LV AC and DC motors for the petrochemical, power generation and defence sectors.

Leeds-based Morley has traditionally focused on motors for the mining sector, but has recently been diversifying into other areas including renewable energy where, for example, it has supplied generators for tidal turbines. In October, it will unveil a VSD motor for mining applications.

ATB Special Products, based at a former GEC factory in Cradley Heath, Birmingham, specialises in non-standard motors, including axial air-gap, water-cooled, submersible and permanent magnet types. It also supplies Bull Electric DC motors and Witton Kramer brakes.

Between them, the three subsidiaries have 300 years of experience. The new group will adopt the tagline “Electrical Engineers since 1883”.

Continuous innovation will be a key focus for ATB Group UK, which will use its development and manufacturing expertise to bring a variety of new products to the market.

ATB’s ultimate owner is the giant Chinese electrical manufacturer, Wolong Holding Group, which acquired the business for €100m in 2011, after ATB’s previous parent, A-Tec Industries, got into financial difficulties.