23 Jul 2024


App trio expands controls development environment

The new Studio 5000 Architect application acts as a central point for the automation development environment

Rockwell Automation has added three new applications to its Studio 5000 development environment to help speed the development of automation systems. The applications bring more functions together into a single environment to help improve automation design productivity.

“The addition of these applications significantly enhances our integrated development environment,” says Rockwell product manager, Mike Brimmer. “The expanded environment simplifies the design process and reduces the need for multiple tools, providing a more seamless system development experience.”

The three new tools are:

•  Studio 5000 Architect, which acts as a central point in the Studio 5000 environment where users can: view complete automation systems; configure devices such as controllers and HMIs; and manage communications between the devices. It also exchanges data with other Studio 5000 applications and with third-party electrical design tools.

•  Studio 5000 View Designer design and maintenance software for Allen-Bradley PanelView 5500 graphic terminals. This provides an intuitive design environment that helps users to build contemporary systems. It enhances integration between the control system and operator interface to improve programming efficiency and runtime performance.

•  Studio 5000 Application Code Manager, which speeds system development by helping to build libraries of re-usable code that can be deployed across an enterprise. Creating projects using the application helps to improve design consistency, to cut engineering costs, and to achieve faster time-to-market and commissioning.

Rockwell has also updated the Studio 5000 environment with enhanced security and localised batch control. New security features include more user-authentication and access-control options, and a privilege escalation capability. These help to improve productivity and system uptime by granting users the right level of access at the right time. The localised batch control allows controller-based batch sequencing and eventing to simplify system architecture for single-unit control and process skids.

The original Studio 5000 Logix Designer application, released in 2012, is a design and maintenance package for Rockwell’s Allen-Bradley Logix5000 controllers. It is used to configure discrete, process, batch, motion, safety and drive controls. It simplifies design by providing: an application-centric view of code; enhanced workflows for more efficient re-use of content; and collaborative tools that make it easier for several people to work together.