23 Jul 2024


And now, we have the smart pushbutton

And now, we have the smart pushbutton

Rockwell Automation as unveiled a new technology that puts intelligence into devices such as pushbuttons, sensors, motor starters, overload relays, I/O blocks and valve manifolds. Called DeviceLogix, the technology will allow the devices to perform functions such as signal conditioning, event detection, alarms, and logic execution, thus speeding response times and reducing the load on factory networks.

“Contemporary control and networking technologies are allowing us to embed control in even the simplest of devices,” says Dave Johnson, vice-president of Rockwell`s Control Components and Platforms business. “DeviceLogix allows OEMs and end-users to execute simple control at the device level and lets central controllers concentrate on data-gathering and other more advanced functions.”

The first products to incorporate the new technology are Rockwell`s DeviceNet-based pushbutton stations and starter auxiliaries, as well as various forms of I/O including high current and ArmorBlock MaXum I/O, CompactBlock I/O and embedded I/O products. Other applications will be launched later this year.

Rockwell argues that placing processing power in shopfloor devices will improve the responsiveness of control systems, enhance fault tolerances, and help to optimise the performance on central controllers.