23 Jul 2024


Allied Motion buys US linear motor manufacturer Airex

Airex’s product portfolio includes ironless linear motors

Allied Motion Technologies has acquired the US linear and rotary motor manufacturer Airex for an undisclosed sum. Airex, based in New Hampshire, has more than 70 years of history supplying precision wound components and systems for industrial, semiconductor, life science and aerospace/defence applications.

Airex uses a patented winding technology, combined with robotic manufacturing, to produce ironless and iron-core linear motors, rotary motors, voice coils, magnetic bearings, wound electromagnetic components and sub-components.

“This acquisition is another excellent addition and strategically expands our motor offerings as it brings decades of materials understanding, engineering and lean manufacturing experience focused on providing quick-turn response times and custom solutions to our customers,” says Allied’s chairman and CEO, Dick Warzala. “From a product line perspective, Airex linear motors are the best-in-class as they provide the highest torque density in the industry and have been selected and utilised in our Alio solution offerings for many years.

“Equally important,” he adds, “Airex has developed world-class quality systems to support broad mission-critical defence programmes and other high demanding industries such as life sciences and semiconductors.”

According to Airex managing partner, Lindsay Badger, combining his company’s core competencies with Allied’s, “will help support our long-standing customer base in the years ahead and will provide a larger platform upon which to grow.”

Airex, established in 1950, is a third-generation-owned company headquartered in Somersworth, New Hampshire. The company claims that its motors deliver the highest motor constant for their size because of their patented copper coil manufacturing and winding methods which ensure precision placement of the conductors with minimal end-turns, resulting in the highest slot fills and the best thermal paths in the industry. The motors are said to offer precise control at low speeds and good point-to-point settling times.

The motors are ideal for precision direct-drive systems. Their high coil stiffness eliminates the backlash and wind-up of other linear systems. Airex says its linear motors also eliminate the wear problems typically associated with ballscrews, belt drives and rack-and-pinion systems.

Allied expects Airex to be accretive to its margin profile and earnings per share in the first year.

In the past year, Allied Motion has merged with the slotless brushless DC motor manufacturer ThinGap and acquired the nano-precision linear and rotary motion specialist, Alio Industries and the electromechanical automation system and motion controls manufacturer, Ormec Systems.

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