23 Jul 2024


All-in-one two-axis module handles 100 parts a minute

All-in-one two-axis module handles 100 parts a minute

Festo has developed an electrically-actuated handling module which can handle more than 100 parts per minute, moving them through an angle of up to 220 degrees in 0.8s. The HSP-AE module combines a closed-loop DC motor -— complete with drive electronics and a programmable controller -— with a precision cross-guide.

The module is said to be particularly promising as an alternative to conventional two-axis systems in pick-and-place operations for assembly and conveyor applications.

The drive is based on a 24V DC servo motor and a gearbox with a 500 step/rev encoder. It can be operated in position, speed or torque control modes. There are three versions, all offering a repeatable positioning accuracy better than 0.05mm, and 1.5mm in their mid positions.

The smallest version has a Y-axis stroke range of 52-68mm, a Z-axis stroke range of 20-30mm, handles payloads up to 225g, and offers cycle times as short as 0.8s. The largest version has a Y-axis stroke range of 130-170mm, a Z-axis stroke range of 50-70mm, a load capacity of 740g, and a cycle time of 1.2s.

The PLC built into the motor has a LCD screen and touchpad, allowing users to enter set-up parameters or complete motion control programs. A PC-based configuration tool is also supplied. The module has a teach mode, allowing applications to be set up rapidly.

The module incorporates an RS-232C port. Its communications options include four-bit I/O, CANopen, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.