23 Jul 2024


AC microdrives promise up to 6% more energy saving

Yaskawa's GA500 microdrives can be used to control a variety of motor technologies

Yaskawa has introduced a series of AC microdrives which, it claims, can achieve energy savings that are up to 6% higher than other drives. The GA500 drives span ratings from 0.2–30kW, and can be used to control permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors, as well as induction machines, without needing comprehensive tuning.

Yaskawa says that when operating induction motors, the drives can boost efficiencies by up to 6% at 20% speed, compared to other drives. For permanent magnet motors, the claimed improvement is up to 2%.

The drives offer: built-in EMC filters; a dual-channel STO safety function (SIL3/PLe); the ability to network up to five drives using an optional fieldbus card; an embedded brake chopper for regenerative braking; a 590Hz output frequency; and apps for mobile devices. A robust design allows the drives to operate at altitudes of up to 4km altitude and in temperatures up to 60ºC. Coated circuit boards protect against dust and mist. The drives’ temperature-controlled fans run only when needed, reducing the potential for contamination and extending service intervals.

An internal 24V DC power supply can deliver an extra 150mA for use with external sensors, eliminating the need for separate supplies. Normal duty rating allows users to run one size larger motor in variable-torque applications.

A bright LED display and tactile keypad ensure intuitive navigation through the drives’ menus, which are arranged and named as on other Yaskawa drives, minimising the need for re-training. An embedded programming environment allows drive functions to be customised and can replace the need for external controllers.

A USB port supports connections to PCs or mobile devices for programming, monitoring or troubleshooting. Easy-access terminals ensure quick connection of mains and motor cables without needing to remove any covers. Screw-less control terminals result in reliable connections that do not need to be re-tightened.