23 Jul 2024


$56m plant will target expanding Indian automation market

Mitsubishi’s new Indian plant for manufacturing factory automation products is due to come on stream by the end of 2023

Mitsubishi Electric is investing aound 2.2 billion Indian rupees ($56.6m) to build a new plant in India that will manufacture inverters and other factory automation (FA) products. The factory, due to start operating in December 2023, will meet growing demand in India where the FA market is expanding at an annual rate of about 8% – mainly in industries such as automobiles, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and textiles. Further growth is expected in the future.

The development will make India Mitsubishi’s third major base for manufacturing automation products, in addition to Japan and China. The company recently announced a $110m plan to build another FA factory in Japan. Mitsubishi hopes to double its current Indian sales of around $76m by 2025, and to start exporting products from the sub-continent to South-East Asia and Europe.

The new double-storey 15,400m2 factory will be built on a 40,000m2 site near Pune, Maharashtra. It will incorporate technologies such as LED lighting and high-efficiency air-conditioning aimed at achieving carbon neutrality by reducing CO2 emissions. The site will also aim for sustainability by re-using wastewater via an underground filtration treatment plant.

As well as helping Mitsubishi to meet local demand for FA products, the factory will diversify Mitsubishi’s supply chain and contribute to the Indian government’s Make in India initiative.

Mitsubishi entered the Indian FA control systems business in the mid-1990s. In 2012, it acquired a local manufacturer of FA control systems, and has established a local engineering team, expanding its service and support capabilities. In 2013, it started to manufacture FA products locally.

In the year to March 31 2022, Mitsubishi’s industrial automation division generated revenues of 1,460 billion Japanese yen – a 17% increase on the previous year – with an operating profit of 96.8 bn yen. This represents 32.6% of the corporation’s total global revenues and makes factory automation its largest single segment.

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