23 Jul 2024


4mm sensor peeks into tiny holes

The German sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon has developed a miniature displacement sensor with a diameter of just 4mm, making it small enough to take measurements inside confined spaces such as drilled holes, bores and narrow cavities.

MicroEpsilon confocal sensor

The optoNCDT 2402 sensor, based on a technology known as confocal sensing, is claimed to be the smallest diameter sensor of its type. When operating at a measuring range of 1.5mm, it has a resolution of 0.06┬Ám at 0.004% of full-scale output.

Typical applications include: measuring surface defects; checking the concentricity of drilled holes; measuring grooves in pipes; and gauging the thickness of transparent materials, including glass and film, as well as reflective surfaces.

The titanium-housed sensor weighs just 50g. It contains no electrical or moving parts, and is linked by an optical fibre cable to a controller. As well as straight versions, it is available in a 90-degree angle version, suitable for inspecting the inner surfaces of small components.