25 Jul 2024


24V protection system is ‘the first of its type’

One of five short-listed products for this year’s Hermes technology award at the Hannover Fair was a single-channel circuit-breaker system from the German coiled products specialist, Block, which claims that is first solid-state over-current protection system for 24V DC control circuits. The breaker addresses channels automatically during switch-on, avoiding the need for time-consuming manual assigning – a particular advantage if a system stops or if components need to be replaced quickly.

The Hermes jury members were impressed by the EasyB breaker’s combination of a slim case, high current capacity, automatic addressing, and other functions.

It is essential to provide reliable selective protection of 24V control voltages. Overloads can damage cables and even cause systems to fail. Depending on the application, several different channels may need to be protected and, if necessary, individual channels may need to be added later. Block’s circuit-breaker, which offers protection up to 80A, allows the status of individual loads is to be monitored remotely. Up to 40 channels can be mounted in one system. Integrated contacts eliminate the need for backplanes, jumpers and other accessories.

The breaker offers the option of setting the tripping current via a communications bus. Block says that it allows potential sources for errors during system start-ups to be eliminated. For series production of machines, in particular, the automatic setting of the tripping current will enable potential savings.