24 Jul 2024


200 FA devices support CC-Link IE Field Network Basic

Mitsubishi Electric has announced in Japan that it is releasing more than 200 factory automation (FA) devices that support the CC-Link IE Field Network Basic open field network, which uses standard 100Mbps Ethernet communications. The devices will include programmable controllers, servo amplifiers, HMIs and inverters.

The new line-up will expand the scope of Mitsubishi’s e-F@ctory portfolio, which incorporates both FA and IT technologies. The company says that the new FA devices to help users to visualise operations better, to enhance efficiency, and to advance IoT manufacturing.

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic is designed to achieve CC-Link IE communications using general-purpose Ethernet. This helps to cut costs by using a single network from corporate IT systems to production-floor devices. It allows users to build systems quickly, without needing special expertise. It can be implemented on devices that usually lack network connections. Master stations can be implemented on PCs without needing dedicated interface boards.

The addresses of linked devices are set automatically, helping to cut system construction times by up to 40%, compared to standard CC-Link. Batch parameter settings simplify network setups without requiring a technical knowledge of Ethernet.